Are you a Small Business owner?

We work with small businesses because we are passionate about helping them grow and succeed. Small business makes up the vast majority of all business in Australia, however far too many small businesses fail within the first 3 years. 
  • So, what is a small business?
    If your annual turnover (excluding gst) is less than $2 million per annum then you are classified as a small business in Australia.

  • Why do so many small businesses fail in the first 3 years?
    Although there can be varying factors that may cause any one business to fail, our experience has seen such a simple fact of poor bookkeeping, planning and accounting practices. Business owners too often do not truly understand and know their financial position and what is going on in their business. 

  • Why do so many small businesses struggle to pay their ATO, payroll and liabilities on time?
    This can be a result of poor cash planning for upcoming liabilities or quite simply the business is not currently bringing in enough money or costs are too high.

  • Are you getting the satisfaction and returns you want from your business?
Too many business owners are working long hours, deal with high levels of stress and receive little compensation for their efforts. 

If you are a business owner that has the commitment, drive and passion to move your business forward then One on One Bookkeeping Services is here for you. We will reduce the pressure, clear the paperwork and help you find the way.

When you choose to work with One on One Bookkeeping Services we will evaluate the current position and needs of your business, identify what action is required and introduce and manage the best practices to move towards success and profits.

We can introduce you to a simple cash planning option that allows you to better evaluate and monitor your income, expenditure and tax planning while more importantly ensuring you profit returns. All business owners should be planning for a profit return.

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